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Hello and welcome to my shiny new blog! This is a replacement for my old blogger, mainly because I wanted something new, simple, and on my own webspace. So here we are! I’ll be posting all sorts of crap about my various writing projects ’round here and sharing plenty of art related to them.

To kick it off, I slapped together this little compilation of portraits I’d done for my upcoming novel The Vessel’s Blood. Left to right is Treillim – the grizzled, old guard master, Vulfrey – the sacrificial MC, and Gajdren – Vulfrey’s smarmy bodyguard. I’d actually intended to keep going and do the whole cast like this, but it was taking too damn long for my liking, so I opted to restart in a different style. Here’s a little peek:


This time I went with pen and markers on artist trading cards. I’ve already finished ten(!) of them, but it’s gonna be a bit longer before I share them all. Can’t go blowing the load too soon if you know what I mean… I’ll be starting on the TVB’s website soon though, and then I’ll post up a few more of them. But anyway that’s it for my first post here at Jo’s Junk. There’s going to be plenty more on the way soon with my first book nearing completion and so many other projects on the fire, so keep an eye out.

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