Some light reading…

Goddamn, it’s done been a year since I posted anything on here. Hardly feels like it. And I don’t have a whole lot to show for it either.


There is this though. Took a lot longer than it should have, but I finished up the last major rewrite/edit for The Vessel’s Blood. It’s not done yet, but getting damn close. Before too long, I’m going to have to figure out what the hell I want to do for the book cover. At any rate, I printed off this copy as I was going along so that my husband could give it a read and share his opinion. Which was good, surprise surprise. Doubt he’d tell me it was shit regardless. Guess it’s a good thing it’s not shit~

Now that he’s all done reading it though, I’m going to give it a proper go through myself. Should be nice delving into it without being able to give in to all the niggling, little temptations to fix things that one gets while reading in a word processor. First though, I’m taking a few weeks break to work on its sequel a little bit as well as piddle with some other projects. Trying to give myself a little distance. Just a tiny bit. I’m not sure how many pages it all ended up being, but there’s 58 chapters and a bit over 300k words packed in there(Scrivener crashed when I loaded the whole document to see). Gonna be a lot to chew on, but I do appreciate a long story, and hopefully I ain’t the only one.

Anyway, I do believe I mentioned something about character portraits and the TVB website in my very first post last year. Those should be along sometime soonish. Like actually soon this time, not the year away sort.