Sour puss

It’s Vulfrey! Albeit a very bored and possibly disgruntled Vulfrey–Or maybe it’s just resting bitchface. He’s also not in his usual temple whites either, though I’ll leave that for the book. Anyhow, I started this pic late last year, been poking at it off and on for ages now, and finally it’s finished. The plan was to use this for the website launch, and it’s ’bout that time, so I’ll be getting to work on that before too long. Vulfrey’s sneer of boredom will be there to greet everyone.

Far as actual writing progress goes, I finished reading the printed copy(and was quite pleased), but before I start my next edit, I’m going to try to whip up the first draft for book 2. That way there will hopefully not be a terribly long gap after the first one’s release before the second is ready to go. I mean, there’ll still be a year or so between them, but hopefully not much more. I’m lazy and a perfectionist though, so we’ll see. At any rate, there’s not much heavy lifting left to do on The Vessel’s Blood. Some minor additions and touch ups, and it should be ready to go. The worst thing left to do is figure out a cover for the damn thing.

Back to work and video games. I’ll leave you with this shirtless variant, ’cause I couldn’t resist.