Spiritual Soul

The other day I was reading through some of my old webcomics, trying to decide if it was worth keeping them on display in the site’s gallery or not. I did decide to keep them, even if they are a bit on the shit side, but the point of the post is that it also got me thinking about reboots. For Spiritual Soul in particular. I’ve already got some major plans for a complete remake of Leidau as a series of novels(I’ll make a post about it one of these days). But Spiritual Soul has kind of been left to gather dust, which is largely because the story needs loads of work, and by loads of work I mean a complete reimagining.

My first thought was to do something written, ’cause that’s mostly what I’m into these days. But then I started thinking about the possibility of trying it as a comic again. Now, a good while back in 2008 or so, I decided to quit comics because they don’t really work for me. I mean, I love ’em, but I’m such a slow, picky artist, and I’m absolutely abysmal at keeping up with updates(If my extremely sporadic blog updates weren’t telling enough). But reading through got me thinking about trying again. It’s probably just a bit of nostalgia, but still something to think about.

Now, I don’t know if I’ll actually do it. Hell, I don’t even know if I’ll ever do anything new with Spiritual Soul at all, I have a lot of stories lined up already that I’m far more passionate about. But there is a slight temptation there. Perhaps as a side project like what I do with Fuzz & Whimsy. I might have to try fishing around for some ideas sometime and see what I find.

For funsies though, here’s a written remake of the comic’s opening that I did a few years ago:

Where was she? Randi’s eyes were wide, but they saw nothing. Only her naked form amid a strange, black void that had engulfed her. Then, before she realized, she began to plummet into it. Her arms flailed about the nothingness, and she cried out, but only silence rang from her lips. Beneath her, the darkness was swallowed up in th bright orange of fire. The conflagration looked far away, but within a second she was falling right into it. She screamed, panicking, but still it was without sound.

Soon the flames were lashing at her body, but to her surprise, they didn’t hurt. The heat was comforting and gentle. It almost seemed to lower her softy down below. But just as she had grown accustomed to its warm comfort, it all vanished, and she was plummeting again. This time the journey was short. She fell with a splash into a dark body of cold water. She struggled in it for a moment, before catching her feet on the bottom. It was deep, but not too much for her head and shoulders to peek above.

She turned in a circle, looking around the area. It wasn’t as dark as it was before she had encountered the fire, but it was still hard to see very far. There was nothing but water. It was still and motionless. At first. Then a short distance across from her a little bubble surged from below, sending a lone ripple through the placid surface. Then another bubble. A moment later the water welled up in the same spot, bulging from the surface. Randi stepped back instinctively. Something was coming.

The water pushed even higher, and then a figure burst forth from it and sailed into the air. It was a nude girl that looked the same age as Randi, or near enough, and she had long, majestic black hair that hung beneath her feet and melded into the water. Ripples resonated from the spot she had emerged, bouncing against Randi’s chest. Every bit of fear and panic she had felt was washed away in a torrent of awe.

Randi stared up at her, mouth agape and too entranced to close it. She was beautiful.

The strange girl met Randi’s gaze with the deepest, watery blue eyes like miniature oceans. Then Randi felt herself being drawn closer to her. Her body rose up from the water, slowly at first but growing faster as the girls hand reached down towards her, beckoning. A moment later she too was floating above the water’s surface, and the girl’s hand brushed her cheek softly. She drew herself in closer and closer until her pale face was right across from Randi’s. Their eyes stared into each others for a brief, sublime, moment, before—BEEP.

Their lips touched softly together—BEEP BEEP.

Randi felt herself melting into the mysterious girl’s touch and the coolness of her kiss—BEEP BEEP.

“Damn it!” Randi launched a hand across her nightstand, knocking her alarm into the floor. Its cries continued to taunt her until finally she sat up. She rubbed her forehead and glanced around her messy room. A feeling of disappointment welled in her breast, and she ran her finger across her lips.

“Stupid clock. Just a little longer would have been nice.” She leaned down to quiet the piece of junk and restored it to its place on the nightstand.

She cursed it one more time, then flopped back down on the bed, hoping to rejoin the beautiful girl in her dreams. So what about school? This was more pressing. It didn’t take too very long for her to begin to drift away again.

“Randi!” A knock sounded at the door. “Wake up, Randi!”

Randi’s eyes snapped open. Her plan was foiled. “Go away, ma!”

Sadly her mom wasn’t one to give up so easy—Nor one to ask before bursting into the room. “Get out of bed. Eric’s here.”

“Shit! He’s here already?” Randy shot up from the bed, realizing how late she’d slept.

“Hey, watch your mouth.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Randi dived into her closet and whipped off the pajamas and t-shirt she’d slept in and quickly threw on some clothes for school. She came out to find her mom still loitering in her room, arms crossed. Randi tried to ignore her presence while she fixed up her hair, but that was to be another failed plan.

“You know, Eric’s never going to ask you out with that sloppy boish hair cut you’ve got. You should let it grow out.”

“What the hell, Ma? I’ve told you a thousand times, I’m a lesbian.”

“Oh honey, it’s too early to—”

“And Eric—” Randi had to pause to stifle a laugh. “Well. Let’s just say the boyish hair cut would probably work in my favor with him.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Nothin’ Ma,” Randi said, trying to get her mom off the subject. Then with one quick peek in the mirror, she grabbed her backpack from a heap of clothes in the corner of the room and met her mom at the door. “Well, you gonna move so I can get downstairs?”

Her mom breathed a heavy, annoying sort of sigh before retreating from the doorway. Downstairs, Randi found Eric sitting on the couch waitinng for her. He looked kind of tired and his short brown hair was a bit messier than usual. A quick glance at the clock showed that she hadn’t actually overslept at all.

“Why so early,” She asked, somewhat frustrated remembering the dream that could have been.

“Didn’t sleep very well, and I got bored sitting around the house.” Eric covered his mouth to yawn. “Sorry if I made you get up too soon.”
“Don’t worry about it. Let’s get going.”

“What? Already?” Randi’s mom hustled to join the two of them. “Aren’t you going to eat anything?”

“I’ll grab something at school.” Randi gave Eric’s foot a little kick to rouse him from the couch, and then made for the door. “I’ll see ya this evening.”

“Fine then. You two be careful!”

The two of them hopped into Eric’s hand-me-down car and pulled out of the driveway.

“You seemed like you were in a hurry to get out of there,” Eric said, stating the obvious.

“Mom was in one of her moods this morning. You know she actually suggested that we should hook up. Us!” Randi laughed at the notion, and Eric joined. “There was something else too. I had this really weird dream this morning…”

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