Shiny New Scanner

I’ve had a bunch of shit heaping up for a while now that I wanted to scan, but the only thing I’ve had to do it with is a shitty 3-in-1 that I fucking loathe. So after putting it off for a good long while, I finally caved and bought a new one. Specifically the Epson Perfection v600, which was one of the more frequently recommended ones I came across while searching, and I gotta say, it is indeed quite awesome. It’s quick and the scans are way better than the aforementioned 3-in-1. Though I do still need a bit of photoshop to tweak the colors, but it’s far less work for a much more accurate and attractive result.

Anyway, on to some scans:

Freckles and gratuitous nakedness <3 These guys were inked and colored recently, though the drawings themselves were a bit dusty. Neither are characters of note–Or at least weren’t meant to be–But the lad with his cock out I inadvertently colored near the same as a character from one of my stories. Though a story I won’t be working on for a very long time(priorities and stuff). I blame the markers. I’ve never actually drawn the character in question, so I guess this is sort of a concept or somethin’ now. As for the ginger qt, he really is just a random dude, but I do have an overwhelming temptation to promote him and use him for something later on. No idea what. But don’t be surprised if he shows up again sometime in the future.

Last set here is a compilation of random dudes I did seven or eight years ago. Still cute though, so I decided to rescan them while I was going. Again nobody in particular and that’s probably how these poor lads are gonna stay.

Armed as I am now with a decent scanner, there’s going to be a bit more art postin’ going on around here. Including things I’ve been procrastinating on, like the TVB character portraits. Though I am going to string those out a little bit, but the first batch will be coming before the end of the month. As always this blog is primarily focused on my original work, especially story related things, but you can catch more sketches, lineart, and rescans of random junk and fanart on my tumblr.

In the mean time I gotta update all the busted, old marker pics in my galleries with sexy, new scans.

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