More Scans – Fuzz & Whimsy Edition

Well, mostly an Alex edition. Can’t help he’s fun to draw. Though these pics of him all originated from old doodles. The ink and color are all recent at least.

I have this thing I do with my sketchbooks, where once they’re full I dismantle them and file everything according to story/etc so that when I go looking for something I don’t need to dig through a zillion sketchbooks to find whatever it is I’m after. Not to mention the things take up space. Anyway, after getting the new scanner I posted about last month, I went on one such dismantling binge, looking for things I might want to scan and filing the rest. There were quite a few Alex doodles in there–More than I’m posting for sure–But these are a few I particularly liked, so I’ve slapped some color on them so that I can throw ’em on the F&W website and pretend like I’ve done something.

One of these days I’ll get another story up. I really want to, but TVB and its sequel are eating up my time at the moment. Got too many projects.

But enough yabber and more Alex:

Nip tug <3

Last one, a tiny shot of his spikey hairs. The line art and sketches for ’em can all be found in the Alex tag of my tumblr.

I ordered a bunch of new markers last week, since I’ve been getting back into working with them. Quite a few purples among them, being one of my favorite colors, which got put to good use on Alex’s flamboyantly dyed hair. Also got a couple really nice, pasty skin tones that worked well for him. Still want more, of course. But expensive as they are, I’ll just have to keep on gradually building my arsenal. It is getting decently big though, even if a lot are old. I use prismacolor mostly, for anyone wondering, though I do have a few copics I throw into the mix as well. Wouldn’t mind getting a few more of those too.

Now for a tiny bit of Felix love.

This one’s just a rescan of an art card from a couple years back.


Which leaves this–A sketch I actually drew this year! Last month even. I’m probably gonna color this one too(digitally this time) and use it as the cover pic for chapter 2 whenever I have time to churn it out. That’s the chapter directly following The Trouble with Fuckbuddies, since I’ve not numbered them. Not much to say about it at the moment, but it’ll be the first one from Felix’s perspective. He’s meant to be out shopping in the doodle, hard to tell without any background, I know, but hopefully it’ll be clear whenever I color it.

That’s a sucker btw.

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