Vulfrey art dump


Got some fresh scans of some old Vulf pics. Well not all old, I did churn out a couple new doodles just for the sake of this post, but we’ll save those for last. The first here is the only color pic among them and the main reason this post exists. I had to rescan it for the TVB gallery I’m putting together and I figured I’d rescan some doodles while I was at it and make a Vulf-tastic Vulfrey-filled post. Actually, I meant to do this last month, but distractions got me…Better late than never I suppose.

Before I dump all the doodles, I should note a few of these are before I completely settled on his design. Just tiny differences, nothing major or terribly old. I’m saving those relics for later.

Now to get this started.




Sad as it is, these are the closest things to full body pics I’ve ever drawn of Vulfrey. And because of that, I’ve never fully decided on the look for his temple wear from the waist down. I know the important things at least: His tunic doesn’t go past his knees and he wears gilded sandals that lace up his calves. Visible ass cheek is optional. I suppose it’ll be up to the reader’s imagination once the book is finished, though I’m sure some day I’ll finally do a full body, colored pic that might settle it.


But why fret over clothes? Have another shirtless Vulfrey. I’m actually pretty fond of this one. It’s a nice change from the usual stank face I draw him with. If it wasn’t for the fact that I drew him too close to the edge of the sketchbook(hence why it cuts off abruptly), I would have probably colored this one too. Though there’s always a chance I might slap a coat of digital paint on it sometime and expand it a bit. Coloring old drawings seems to be my m.o. these days.


Time fer more stank face.


And another. This one was my first stab at Vulfrey’s profile card. And not a bad attempt really, but the second one turned out so perfect I’m glad I passed on this one.

vulfrey4Annd now for the new ones. A very bored Vulfrey and a slightly amused one. Nothing very exciting really, I just saved ’em for last ’cause they were new. I’m a bit out of practice. Gonna have to get back in the habit of drawing a little more often. And I do have plenty of things I want to work on. The new gallery isn’t going to fill itself.

But anyway, that’s it for this post. All out of Vulfreys. I’ll have the second round of character portraits up in a few days though to give a little variety. Treillim, the old guard captain, will be there along with a new face I’ve not shown before.

Happy holidays~


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