The Vessel’s Blood – Character Portraits Pt. 2



“Stop standing around, you louts!”

Boisterous and steadfast, Treillim serves as the captain of the guard at Zjzjheinne. He answers only to the Commune and bears responsibility for the safety of the entirety of the temple and its inhabitants, but most importantly that of the Vessel himself. It’s a job Treillim takes very seriously—So seriously in fact that he barely allows himself any sort of personal life or time with family. His work is his life. Very few in the temple take pleasure in having to deal with him. Even his own men. Though all are grateful for the security his rigorous ethic has afforded.




“Come with me, child. Let me take you from this nightmare.”

Pestrymon is the aging Commune of the Vahndriins. His position is the highest within the faith and is granted to the one who may hear Vahndestrus’ words and carry out his will. As such, he resides in Zjzjheinne, the capital temple of the Vahndrii, alongside the Vessel. Much of his time is spent teaching Vulfrey and preparing him for his part in the coming of their lord, especially now that it is so close at hand, and the rest is split between guiding the other priests and monks in the betterment of the faith and expounding sermons for the masses—A task he never tires of.


Just a little late, but here these geezers are. We’ll just pretend it was the holidays and not laziness and video games. In other news I’ve resumed work on The Vessel’s Blood, doing, what I hope, is the final somewhat major edit. Got a good start on the second book’s first draft, which I’ll probably dabble with on the side. As for the website revamp, it’s gonna be a little late too. The TVB website itself is mostly done, I just gotta get off my ass and finish the Alex pic for the new front page. I’m always slow when there’s art involved. Anyhow I’ll have it done sometime between now and the next batch of character portraits(which will be in March…or should be).

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