Been a while…

Sorry ’bout the lack of posts, I had a pretty rough start to the year and ended up slacking off for a while. A pretty long while unfortunately. But I’m still kicking, and trying to get back at it. I figured I’d throw out a few updates on the shit I’m (supposed to be) working on.

First things first, I’ve still not finished the webpage remodel I mentioned last year, but hopefully I can get that in before the end of this year. The only thing holding it up was the art for the front page, and I’ve nearly finished that…But I’m thinking about scrapping it and using something fresh. I do like it, but the base sketch is three years old now. Though I may still use it anyway, but I have a newer sketch that I’m kind of fond of that I want to experiment with before I make up my mind.

As for writing, The Vessel’s Blood is still in its final major edit. It’s been a slow go, but it’s coming out really solid. I’m really excited to get the damn thing finished. As for Fuzz & Whimsy, I’ve not done much with it, and probably won’t for a while while I’m finishing up TVB, but I do plan to re-edit the two stories that are currently up on the site whenever I get the rest of the website junk ready.

I suppose that’s ’bout all, what little art I’ve done I’ll share in another post. And I’ll get back to posting character portraits and what not soon.

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