Website down temporarily

Hello all, long time no post. Unfortunately, despite my optimism when last I posted, I’m way behind schedule on my book, website work, etc. Behind schedule’s not even the word, off the damned rails is more accurate…

Anyhow, I’m getting myself back on task, been writing a ton. I’ll make no bold claims as to how fast it will be done this time. But it’s going. And also for the time being, I’ve decided to take down my website temporarily(or hopefully so) while I get done with the changes I want to make to it.

I’ve little else to add at the moment, hopefully I’ll have a more exciting post to follow in the coming weeks.


New Year, new post

Happy new year! I hope 2018 is treating everyone well. I myself am slidin’ into it with a cold…

But snots and sniffles aside, I’ve got some pretty big plans this year. Really it’s just one, but a big one—My book! If all goes well(meaning I don’t succumb to laziness), I’m hoping to finally get my first book, The Vessel’s Blood, finished and released!

I’m working my way through the final edit right now, then it’s just proofreading and preparing it for ebook format. Since it’s my first time publishing anything, I’m not sure how complicated that’ll be, but I’ll see when I get there. I don’t anticipate too much trouble; the biggest hill to climb is just finishing the edit, because I’m still fairly early in and the book is quite long.

I’m getting really excited, I’ve been working(and not working) on the damn thing for ages now, and I’m well ready to have it done and released so I can return to work on the next leg of Vulfrey’s adventure. There’s still a lot more story to tell.

That all aside, I do still have a website makeover to finish, and sometime between here and there I plan to get it done, especially since the most important addition is the page for The Vessel’s Blood for all the art, character bios, and other such fun stuff. It’s gonna be reeal good.

Anyhow, I’m back to work, so I can make this shit happen~


好男子 ~ Handsome mens

今日は!Here we have the bulk of the art I’ve done so far this year presented in a fun Japanese twitter meme…And all of it drawn within the last week for the sake of said meme. The template is for drawing various types of handsome men. I figured it’d be a good way to get back into drawing since I hadn’t done much in a while, and what better excuse than drawing a bunch of cute lads.

Most of the guys featured here should be familiar faces, though some I haven’t drawn in a really long time, and there is one qt in there that I’ve never posted before. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

真面目~ Serious: This is a really quick reimagining of Darren from my ancient and rather shitty webcomic, Spiritual Soul.

クール ~ Cool: Gajdren, from The Vessel’s Blood.

わんこ ~ Doggy: Oscar. Who is a bit of an oddball here–He’s not an actual character from one of my stories like the rest, but a sim! If you’re wondering how a sim made it into this gaggle of characters, well, I’ve been considering making him a part of the Fuzz & Whimsy storyline ever since I drew him the first time. Of course, that would require me to actually work on F&W some more.

素朴 ~ Naive: Eric. Another quick Spiritual Soul Reimagining, and probably the first time I’ve drawn him since I quit working on the comic(like 10 years ago?).

セクシー ~ Sexy: Vulfrey, the main character of The Vessel’s Blood. And with no resting bitch face for a change.

天然 ~ Airhead: Jorge, from Fuzz & Whimsy. To be honest, he’s only a little bit of an airhead, but someone had to go here. I’m sure he’s bashed his head enough times to count.

熱血 ~ Hot blooded: This is the one I’ve never posted before, his name is Kaill. You can probably guess from the similarities in the armor he and Gajdren have on that he’s also from The Vessel’s Blood. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that. We’ll just call this a sneak peek ’til I get off my ass and post up his portrait and bio.

元気 ~ Energetic: Felix, from Fuzz & Whimsy

おっとり ~ Gentle: Zack, from Fuzz & Whimsy

好 ~ Fav: Alex, from Fuzz & Whimsy and of course my qt website mascot. Although, much as I love Alex, I was tempted to put some pointy eared elfish monster lad here, because I love ’em, but I decided to stick with the normal boys for this chart. And plus I couldn’t leave Alex out like that.

Anyhow, I had a lot of fun filling this thing in, and it felt good drawing so much after so long. I need to keep at it, get more practice in, and draw more than just headshots. But it’s a start.


Been a while…

Sorry ’bout the lack of posts, I had a pretty rough start to the year and ended up slacking off for a while. A pretty long while unfortunately. But I’m still kicking, and trying to get back at it. I figured I’d throw out a few updates on the shit I’m (supposed to be) working on.

First things first, I’ve still not finished the webpage remodel I mentioned last year, but hopefully I can get that in before the end of this year. The only thing holding it up was the art for the front page, and I’ve nearly finished that…But I’m thinking about scrapping it and using something fresh. I do like it, but the base sketch is three years old now. Though I may still use it anyway, but I have a newer sketch that I’m kind of fond of that I want to experiment with before I make up my mind.

As for writing, The Vessel’s Blood is still in its final major edit. It’s been a slow go, but it’s coming out really solid. I’m really excited to get the damn thing finished. As for Fuzz & Whimsy, I’ve not done much with it, and probably won’t for a while while I’m finishing up TVB, but I do plan to re-edit the two stories that are currently up on the site whenever I get the rest of the website junk ready.

I suppose that’s ’bout all, what little art I’ve done I’ll share in another post. And I’ll get back to posting character portraits and what not soon.


The Vessel’s Blood – Character Portraits Pt. 2



“Stop standing around, you louts!”

Boisterous and steadfast, Treillim serves as the captain of the guard at Zjzjheinne. He answers only to the Commune and bears responsibility for the safety of the entirety of the temple and its inhabitants, but most importantly that of the Vessel himself. It’s a job Treillim takes very seriously—So seriously in fact that he barely allows himself any sort of personal life or time with family. His work is his life. Very few in the temple take pleasure in having to deal with him. Even his own men. Though all are grateful for the security his rigorous ethic has afforded.




“Come with me, child. Let me take you from this nightmare.”

Pestrymon is the aging Commune of the Vahndriins. His position is the highest within the faith and is granted to the one who may hear Vahndestrus’ words and carry out his will. As such, he resides in Zjzjheinne, the capital temple of the Vahndrii, alongside the Vessel. Much of his time is spent teaching Vulfrey and preparing him for his part in the coming of their lord, especially now that it is so close at hand, and the rest is split between guiding the other priests and monks in the betterment of the faith and expounding sermons for the masses—A task he never tires of.


Just a little late, but here these geezers are. We’ll just pretend it was the holidays and not laziness and video games. In other news I’ve resumed work on The Vessel’s Blood, doing, what I hope, is the final somewhat major edit. Got a good start on the second book’s first draft, which I’ll probably dabble with on the side. As for the website revamp, it’s gonna be a little late too. The TVB website itself is mostly done, I just gotta get off my ass and finish the Alex pic for the new front page. I’m always slow when there’s art involved. Anyhow I’ll have it done sometime between now and the next batch of character portraits(which will be in March…or should be).


Vulfrey art dump


Got some fresh scans of some old Vulf pics. Well not all old, I did churn out a couple new doodles just for the sake of this post, but we’ll save those for last. The first here is the only color pic among them and the main reason this post exists. I had to rescan it for the TVB gallery I’m putting together and I figured I’d rescan some doodles while I was at it and make a Vulf-tastic Vulfrey-filled post. Actually, I meant to do this last month, but distractions got me…Better late than never I suppose.

Before I dump all the doodles, I should note a few of these are before I completely settled on his design. Just tiny differences, nothing major or terribly old. I’m saving those relics for later.

Now to get this started.
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Time for a change

And by that, I mean my website.

Just look. This is when I first launched the dumb thing back in 2012:


And this here’s the current version(complete with a non functioning TVB button):


Needless to say, I’ve gotten a great deal of use out of this one picture of Alex. First one I ever did of him. But much as I love it, it’s definitely time for somethin’ fresh. Or sorta fresh. It’s still gonna be Alex. I’m not ready to boot him from his mascot position just yet. That is, after all, the whole reason I created him back before Fuzz & Whimsy was a thing. So Alex and his fuzzy tits are still going to be there. Just new and slightly improved.

And here’s a sneaky peeky at the new and slightly improved:


Still a work in progress(very early progress…). Set up is going to be same as the site’s always been with the menu on the left. Unless I have a last minute change of plans. But first I have to finish the color job on the pic itself–Which is from this two year old doodle:


You’ll probably notice I added a septum piercing, which is something that’s going to happen in a lil story with him and Jorge eventually. And eventually probably means a long time from now with all the other shit I’m working on. But it’ll happen. Some day.

Anyway, this pic is a little old, but I’ve been wanting to do a new site layout with it since I drew the damn thing, so I’m finally going to make it happen. And much as it sounds like one, this isn’t going to just be a visual change. I’ve got a couple other substantial upgrades planned. Most notably the button for The Vessel’s Blood is going to be made clickable finally. Meaning I gotta get off my ass and make the website for it. Though it’s definitely going to be a bit on the barebones side at first, but it’ll grow over time, especially as the first book’s release nears. It’ll be nice to finally have a place to stash all my TVB related art though.

There’s also a bunch of junk I’m going to be adding to the Pictoorz gallery and a couple things for the F&W gallery. Things that have been posted here(like the recent marker pics) as well as some older shit that never made it in.

The plan is to get it all done and launched on New Year’s ’cause that’s a nice day for a change. And hopefully I can stick to it. If not it’ll be early next year, but we’ll see…


More Scans – Fuzz & Whimsy Edition

Well, mostly an Alex edition. Can’t help he’s fun to draw. Though these pics of him all originated from old doodles. The ink and color are all recent at least.

I have this thing I do with my sketchbooks, where once they’re full I dismantle them and file everything according to story/etc so that when I go looking for something I don’t need to dig through a zillion sketchbooks to find whatever it is I’m after. Not to mention the things take up space. Anyway, after getting the new scanner I posted about last month, I went on one such dismantling binge, looking for things I might want to scan and filing the rest. There were quite a few Alex doodles in there–More than I’m posting for sure–But these are a few I particularly liked, so I’ve slapped some color on them so that I can throw ’em on the F&W website and pretend like I’ve done something.

One of these days I’ll get another story up. I really want to, but TVB and its sequel are eating up my time at the moment. Got too many projects.

But enough yabber and more Alex:

Nip tug <3

Last one, a tiny shot of his spikey hairs. The line art and sketches for ’em can all be found in the Alex tag of my tumblr.

I ordered a bunch of new markers last week, since I’ve been getting back into working with them. Quite a few purples among them, being one of my favorite colors, which got put to good use on Alex’s flamboyantly dyed hair. Also got a couple really nice, pasty skin tones that worked well for him. Still want more, of course. But expensive as they are, I’ll just have to keep on gradually building my arsenal. It is getting decently big though, even if a lot are old. I use prismacolor mostly, for anyone wondering, though I do have a few copics I throw into the mix as well. Wouldn’t mind getting a few more of those too.

Now for a tiny bit of Felix love.

This one’s just a rescan of an art card from a couple years back.


Which leaves this–A sketch I actually drew this year! Last month even. I’m probably gonna color this one too(digitally this time) and use it as the cover pic for chapter 2 whenever I have time to churn it out. That’s the chapter directly following The Trouble with Fuckbuddies, since I’ve not numbered them. Not much to say about it at the moment, but it’ll be the first one from Felix’s perspective. He’s meant to be out shopping in the doodle, hard to tell without any background, I know, but hopefully it’ll be clear whenever I color it.

That’s a sucker btw.