好男子 ~ Handsome mens

今日は!Here we have the bulk of the art I’ve done so far this year presented in a fun Japanese twitter meme…And all of it drawn within the last week for the sake of said meme. The template is for drawing various types of handsome men. I figured it’d be a good way to get back into drawing since I hadn’t done much in a while, and what better excuse than drawing a bunch of cute lads.

Most of the guys featured here should be familiar faces, though some I haven’t drawn in a really long time, and there is one qt in there that I’ve never posted before. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

真面目~ Serious: This is a really quick reimagining of Darren from my ancient and rather shitty webcomic, Spiritual Soul.

クール ~ Cool: Gajdren, from The Vessel’s Blood.

わんこ ~ Doggy: Oscar. Who is a bit of an oddball here–He’s not an actual character from one of my stories like the rest, but a sim! If you’re wondering how a sim made it into this gaggle of characters, well, I’ve been considering making him a part of the Fuzz & Whimsy storyline ever since I drew him the first time. Of course, that would require me to actually work on F&W some more.

素朴 ~ Naive: Eric. Another quick Spiritual Soul Reimagining, and probably the first time I’ve drawn him since I quit working on the comic(like 10 years ago?).

セクシー ~ Sexy: Vulfrey, the main character of The Vessel’s Blood. And with no resting bitch face for a change.

天然 ~ Airhead: Jorge, from Fuzz & Whimsy. To be honest, he’s only a little bit of an airhead, but someone had to go here. I’m sure he’s bashed his head enough times to count.

熱血 ~ Hot blooded: This is the one I’ve never posted before, his name is Kaill. You can probably guess from the similarities in the armor he and Gajdren have on that he’s also from The Vessel’s Blood. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that. We’ll just call this a sneak peek ’til I get off my ass and post up his portrait and bio.

元気 ~ Energetic: Felix, from Fuzz & Whimsy

おっとり ~ Gentle: Zack, from Fuzz & Whimsy

好 ~ Fav: Alex, from Fuzz & Whimsy and of course my qt website mascot. Although, much as I love Alex, I was tempted to put some pointy eared elfish monster lad here, because I love ’em, but I decided to stick with the normal boys for this chart. And plus I couldn’t leave Alex out like that.

Anyhow, I had a lot of fun filling this thing in, and it felt good drawing so much after so long. I need to keep at it, get more practice in, and draw more than just headshots. But it’s a start.


The Vessel’s Blood – Character Portraits Pt. 2



“Stop standing around, you louts!”

Boisterous and steadfast, Treillim serves as the captain of the guard at Zjzjheinne. He answers only to the Commune and bears responsibility for the safety of the entirety of the temple and its inhabitants, but most importantly that of the Vessel himself. It’s a job Treillim takes very seriously—So seriously in fact that he barely allows himself any sort of personal life or time with family. His work is his life. Very few in the temple take pleasure in having to deal with him. Even his own men. Though all are grateful for the security his rigorous ethic has afforded.




“Come with me, child. Let me take you from this nightmare.”

Pestrymon is the aging Commune of the Vahndriins. His position is the highest within the faith and is granted to the one who may hear Vahndestrus’ words and carry out his will. As such, he resides in Zjzjheinne, the capital temple of the Vahndrii, alongside the Vessel. Much of his time is spent teaching Vulfrey and preparing him for his part in the coming of their lord, especially now that it is so close at hand, and the rest is split between guiding the other priests and monks in the betterment of the faith and expounding sermons for the masses—A task he never tires of.


Just a little late, but here these geezers are. We’ll just pretend it was the holidays and not laziness and video games. In other news I’ve resumed work on The Vessel’s Blood, doing, what I hope, is the final somewhat major edit. Got a good start on the second book’s first draft, which I’ll probably dabble with on the side. As for the website revamp, it’s gonna be a little late too. The TVB website itself is mostly done, I just gotta get off my ass and finish the Alex pic for the new front page. I’m always slow when there’s art involved. Anyhow I’ll have it done sometime between now and the next batch of character portraits(which will be in March…or should be).


Vulfrey art dump


Got some fresh scans of some old Vulf pics. Well not all old, I did churn out a couple new doodles just for the sake of this post, but we’ll save those for last. The first here is the only color pic among them and the main reason this post exists. I had to rescan it for the TVB gallery I’m putting together and I figured I’d rescan some doodles while I was at it and make a Vulf-tastic Vulfrey-filled post. Actually, I meant to do this last month, but distractions got me…Better late than never I suppose.

Before I dump all the doodles, I should note a few of these are before I completely settled on his design. Just tiny differences, nothing major or terribly old. I’m saving those relics for later.

Now to get this started.
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The Vessel’s Blood – Character Portraits Pt. 1



“They’ve come for Vahndestrus, not me.”

Vulfrey is the Vessel–A religious sacrifice–Or rather the body meant for Vahndestrus, the wise and benevolent god of the Vahndriins. It is a task he alone is capable of, and one he has long accepted and bears with great pride. For his safety, he is kept sequestered within Zjzjheinne, the greatest of the Vahndriin temples, where he wiles away his time pillaging the archives for anything and everything to read, learning all his greedy mind can, terrorizing his bodyguard, and waiting for his twentieth birthday to come–And so too his end.




“You’re going to make these last couple of days a real pain in my ass, aren’t you?”

Among all the guards within Zjzjheinne’s walls, Gajdren holds the most honored of positions. He is the Vessel’s personal body guard. This means while the others patrol halls, guard gates, run errands for priests, or even let off steam in the barracks, Gajdren is always by Vulfrey’s side. He guards him with his every waking moment, though he doesn’t always act it, and begrudgingly indulges in his charge’s whims, while trying his best to keep him out of trouble. Vulfrey doesn’t make his life easy.


There we are. Only the two for now. I’m going to be doing these in pairs. No new faces this time, since these two were among the three featured already in the old portrait set. But sooon. Though, these are the most detailed bios I’ve shared of them, so that’s new at least.

For the curious, these were done in gray scale with markers on artist trading cards. Example here. The color was added with photoshop ’cause I wanted to do a bit of toying with it, particularly for the sort of washed out look I went with. Though I’ll probably still use the original scans somewhere on the series’ website once I get it made, and speaking of, these profile blurbs will probably be the very same I end up putting in the characters section there. I’ve got a pretty major update for my website coming in January, and if I can fit it all in, I’ll probably try to get that fitted in too. Still gotta work out some plans though, so we’ll see.

Next portrait batch will probably be in December.

Also, Happy Halloween <3


Sour puss

It’s Vulfrey! Albeit a very bored and possibly disgruntled Vulfrey–Or maybe it’s just resting bitchface. He’s also not in his usual temple whites either, though I’ll leave that for the book. Anyhow, I started this pic late last year, been poking at it off and on for ages now, and finally it’s finished. The plan was to use this for the website launch, and it’s ’bout that time, so I’ll be getting to work on that before too long. Vulfrey’s sneer of boredom will be there to greet everyone.

Far as actual writing progress goes, I finished reading the printed copy(and was quite pleased), but before I start my next edit, I’m going to try to whip up the first draft for book 2. That way there will hopefully not be a terribly long gap after the first one’s release before the second is ready to go. I mean, there’ll still be a year or so between them, but hopefully not much more. I’m lazy and a perfectionist though, so we’ll see. At any rate, there’s not much heavy lifting left to do on The Vessel’s Blood. Some minor additions and touch ups, and it should be ready to go. The worst thing left to do is figure out a cover for the damn thing.

Back to work and video games. I’ll leave you with this shirtless variant, ’cause I couldn’t resist.


Some light reading…

Goddamn, it’s done been a year since I posted anything on here. Hardly feels like it. And I don’t have a whole lot to show for it either.


There is this though. Took a lot longer than it should have, but I finished up the last major rewrite/edit for The Vessel’s Blood. It’s not done yet, but getting damn close. Before too long, I’m going to have to figure out what the hell I want to do for the book cover. At any rate, I printed off this copy as I was going along so that my husband could give it a read and share his opinion. Which was good, surprise surprise. Doubt he’d tell me it was shit regardless. Guess it’s a good thing it’s not shit~

Now that he’s all done reading it though, I’m going to give it a proper go through myself. Should be nice delving into it without being able to give in to all the niggling, little temptations to fix things that one gets while reading in a word processor. First though, I’m taking a few weeks break to work on its sequel a little bit as well as piddle with some other projects. Trying to give myself a little distance. Just a tiny bit. I’m not sure how many pages it all ended up being, but there’s 58 chapters and a bit over 300k words packed in there(Scrivener crashed when I loaded the whole document to see). Gonna be a lot to chew on, but I do appreciate a long story, and hopefully I ain’t the only one.

Anyway, I do believe I mentioned something about character portraits and the TVB website in my very first post last year. Those should be along sometime soonish. Like actually soon this time, not the year away sort.


Jo’s Junk


Hello and welcome to my shiny new blog! This is a replacement for my old blogger, mainly because I wanted something new, simple, and on my own webspace. So here we are! I’ll be posting all sorts of crap about my various writing projects ’round here and sharing plenty of art related to them.

To kick it off, I slapped together this little compilation of portraits I’d done for my upcoming novel The Vessel’s Blood. Left to right is Treillim – the grizzled, old guard master, Vulfrey – the sacrificial MC, and Gajdren – Vulfrey’s smarmy bodyguard. I’d actually intended to keep going and do the whole cast like this, but it was taking too damn long for my liking, so I opted to restart in a different style. Here’s a little peek:


This time I went with pen and markers on artist trading cards. I’ve already finished ten(!) of them, but it’s gonna be a bit longer before I share them all. Can’t go blowing the load too soon if you know what I mean… I’ll be starting on the TVB’s website soon though, and then I’ll post up a few more of them. But anyway that’s it for my first post here at Jo’s Junk. There’s going to be plenty more on the way soon with my first book nearing completion and so many other projects on the fire, so keep an eye out.