好男子 ~ Handsome mens

今日は!Here we have the bulk of the art I’ve done so far this year presented in a fun Japanese twitter meme…And all of it drawn within the last week for the sake of said meme. The template is for drawing various types of handsome men. I figured it’d be a good way to get back into drawing since I hadn’t done much in a while, and what better excuse than drawing a bunch of cute lads.

Most of the guys featured here should be familiar faces, though some I haven’t drawn in a really long time, and there is one qt in there that I’ve never posted before. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

真面目~ Serious: This is a really quick reimagining of Darren from my ancient and rather shitty webcomic, Spiritual Soul.

クール ~ Cool: Gajdren, from The Vessel’s Blood.

わんこ ~ Doggy: Oscar. Who is a bit of an oddball here–He’s not an actual character from one of my stories like the rest, but a sim! If you’re wondering how a sim made it into this gaggle of characters, well, I’ve been considering making him a part of the Fuzz & Whimsy storyline ever since I drew him the first time. Of course, that would require me to actually work on F&W some more.

素朴 ~ Naive: Eric. Another quick Spiritual Soul Reimagining, and probably the first time I’ve drawn him since I quit working on the comic(like 10 years ago?).

セクシー ~ Sexy: Vulfrey, the main character of The Vessel’s Blood. And with no resting bitch face for a change.

天然 ~ Airhead: Jorge, from Fuzz & Whimsy. To be honest, he’s only a little bit of an airhead, but someone had to go here. I’m sure he’s bashed his head enough times to count.

熱血 ~ Hot blooded: This is the one I’ve never posted before, his name is Kaill. You can probably guess from the similarities in the armor he and Gajdren have on that he’s also from The Vessel’s Blood. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that. We’ll just call this a sneak peek ’til I get off my ass and post up his portrait and bio.

元気 ~ Energetic: Felix, from Fuzz & Whimsy

おっとり ~ Gentle: Zack, from Fuzz & Whimsy

好 ~ Fav: Alex, from Fuzz & Whimsy and of course my qt website mascot. Although, much as I love Alex, I was tempted to put some pointy eared elfish monster lad here, because I love ’em, but I decided to stick with the normal boys for this chart. And plus I couldn’t leave Alex out like that.

Anyhow, I had a lot of fun filling this thing in, and it felt good drawing so much after so long. I need to keep at it, get more practice in, and draw more than just headshots. But it’s a start.


NSFW blog

Can’t be having people mistaking this for a worksafe blog now can we. This pic is a week or so old, but I figured I’d throw it on here since it’s still mildly fresh. A little extra content.

So here we are, a pic of Alex dining on Jorge’s fine booty. If you’ve not been following me elsewhere, these guys are both from my one non fantasy story, Fuzz & Whimsy, which is just about a bunch of gay friends and their silly shenanigans and romantic escapades. An excuse to write porn basically(and draw it).

This one’s actually a little bit of a spoiler, considering Jorge and Alex don’t get together ’til late in the storyline, but whatever. I’ve not really made it much of a secret. There’s going to be a little chapter to go along with this scene eventually too, ’cause I’m sure it’ll be fun to do, but first I gotta write more of the earlier shit. The second chapter is currently baking at least, I just gotta tear myself away from work on TVB sometime to get it wrapped up.


The picture actually started as a scribble of Jorge getting some dick, but after playing around with it a bit in Sai other things started to happen. He probably still got some D afterward though…We’ll see. So far all my Fuzz & Whimsy porn has been Jorge or Alex(or both in this case). I’m going to have to give Zack and Felix some love sometime soon. Though I do have one of Felix and Alex in the works to go along with the recently finished first chapter of the story. ‘Course it’s been in the works for two whole years…but one of these days!

Anyway, there’ll be some new content on the way very soon. In the mean time, enjoy the buffet.